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Huzhou: Zhejiang mulberry mulberry new material waste turned green furniture

Pine, mahogany, camphor...... These traditional furniture raw materials have been known to everyone, however, in the Municipal Science and Technology Venture Park, a technology-based small and micro enterprises and utilization of rural waste resources of mulberry branches in the country's first environmentally friendly furniture. Reporters learned that compared with ordinary plate, made of mulberry wood wood is exquisite, moistureproof, small deformation, does not contain formaldehyde, and other advantages, favored by consumers. "Don't look at them now, which is made of many trials." Huzhou, Zhejiang Province, new Mstar Technology Ltd general manager, told reporters that in recent years, we have to enhance the environmental awareness, low carbon savings concept gradually into the hearts of people, if the traditional furniture manufacturers do not transition, is bound to be eliminated in the fierce market competition. In 2012, he cooperated with Zhejiang University of agriculture and forestry, after repeated tests, and finally to produce directional board of mulberry wood, and made of formaldehyde free mulberry wood green furniture.

It is understood that in mulberry as raw materials to produce formaldehyde free board, not only for furniture manufacture found cheap sources of raw materials, saving a lot of wood resources, but also for the regeneration of mulberry branches use found a way out, promote agricultural efficiency and farmers income, effectively prevent the farmers in the sericultural production trough period dug sang destroy the orchard, realize the comprehensive utilization of resources, has the remarkable social and economic benefits.

In order to fully tap the mulberry new value, in addition to strengthen strategic cooperation with China Academy of fine arts, Huzhou silk road, "zhe sang new material" will science and technology research and development as a driving force for the source of enterprise development, at present, "zhe sang new material" has been national patents 5, 2 pieces of invention, utility models, enterprise core research team have wood manufacturing and design professional, 5. In September of this year, the enterprise to obtain the national green product certification, shredded wood furniture ecological project is listed as 2015 Huzhou Youth Entrepreneurship Competition outstanding projects list. "Now, the enterprise can produce 100000 pieces of mulberry fiber can be recycled environmental protection board and 50000 sets of office furniture, is expected this year sales of up to 10000000 yuan." Ye Qiming revealed that not long ago, companies with Zhejiang Gu process a strategic OEM intention, is expected in the future years amounted to 30 million yuan above.

As the city of small and micro enterprises in three years development plan focused on support object, close paragraph of time, "zhe sang new material" in the city to support small and micro enterprise development environment, formulated the enterprise's own three years development plan, and actively promote the enterprise the new Sanban listed. "Enterprise development planning formulated the three stages. The first stage is the current production for office furniture, the second stage is used for health care, civil furniture, is expected by the end of 2016 to be available, the third stage is the production thread wood crafts, and actively promote the silkworm culture." (Zhejiang provincial science and Technology Department)

Source: China Wood Information Network

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