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Dongguan furniture, South Africa cross-border electricity suppliers set sail

A number of enterprises to create furniture Houjie town of cross-border electricity supplier O2O officially kicked off. On the morning of 13, "Dongguan furniture South Africa" cross-border o2o first set sail ceremony held in Dongxin group, the first batch of 10 containers of furniture from the Houjie of shipped to South Africa, marks the Houjie and even city furniture development South Africa blue ocean market to open a new channel. Municipal Commerce Bureau deputy director Huang Zhaodong, vice mayor Chen Jinsheng attended the launching ceremony.

Africa trip trade group after the first landing project

It is reported that South Africa is Africa's most developed countries, is China's largest trading partner in Africa, per capita GDP reached $7500, despite only 50000000 people, but the economic radiation ability to cover the entire southern African population of 500000000. To enter the South African market, it means to open the door to the African market. In September this year, Houjie Town, economic and trade delegation went to South Africa to carry out investment promotion, and South Africa, Guangdong, Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce signed a letter of intent, "Dongguan furniture line of South Africa" cross-border o2o is the trip after the first landing project.

Sail on the day of the start ceremony, Chen Jinsheng pointed out that cross-border changed traditional foreign trade business model and organizational forms of production, reconstruction of the foreign trade industry chain, for Houjie town of processing trade enterprises transformation and upgrading for bearing platform and overseas channels, Houjie furniture products to open up overseas markets to explore new business models, Houjie Town will actively take advantage of the national implementation of the strategy of "along the way, South Africa is the" year of China "a major opportunity, promote the two levels and expand exchanges and cooperation, helping enterprises to accelerate the Houjie manufacturing quality products exported to South Africa.

Open Dongguan furniture sold in South Africa's new channel

It is understood, it is by Houjie Town Topsun group, nano Co., Ltd. in hand Fu Ju to board international trade (South Africa) Co., Ltd., "Baotuan" in South Africa and innovation to create a set of online third-party business platform ("linking") + online display and payment settlement + overseas bonded warehouse + o2o experience Museum + overseas distribution and after-sales service "as one of the new cross-border o2o mode. The model can not only integrate furniture factory resources, providing logistics, customs clearance, tax and a dragon service, can rely on overseas bonded warehouse and line o2o store experience provide floor distribution, installation, repair, maintenance, returns and other after-sales service, an effective solution to the bottleneck of facing the current furniture and other commodities in the cross-border is an innovative business model, Houjie Town, as well as the city furniture develop new blue ocean market has brought new opportunities.

According to Mo Canwei Topsun group general manager, compared to conventional trade. The model at least cut 30% - 50% in the middle of the cost, while the factory can control pricing, consumers and factories, and other multi win win situation.

Plans to add 50 O2O experience shop

It is reported that the first batch of 10 containers of goods will reach South Africa in about 1 months, when the rich will be in the international trade (South Africa) Co., Ltd., about 30 of the furniture O2O experience store shelves debut, this month will have more than 10 containers of containers shipped. Furaton company founded by Houjie Town entrepreneurs Fang Xibo, products are exported to more than 10 countries in South Africa and the surrounding, become the local well-known furniture brands in the wholesale and retail.

"Before every month to return to a trip to the selection of goods, inspection and shipping, later no longer needed, because customers in South Africa can be directly in the online selection of products, I also can feedback the local market demand to the factory, other links by domestic fixed up, which greatly improve the efficiency of, the product price advantage will become more obvious. Fang Xibo analysis believes that the current strong consumer spending power in South Africa, furniture electricity providers 020 model development prospects. "Because South Africa's furniture store is not as large as China, the size of so large, furniture stores, small size, relatively small furniture design, and a store can accommodate the furniture style is limited, but there are thousands of different types of furniture can be selected." Fang Xibo said that he is very optimistic about the furniture cross-border 020 mode in South Africa's development prospects and plan the next three years will be in South Africa for an additional 50 o2o experience stores.

This model also allows furniture companies to find a way to open up new markets. 5 containers of this 10 containers in the dining table, dining chair and other furniture, the manufacturer is Dongguan Ji Laifu Furniture Co. ltd.. "There are dozens of containers have been placed under." Ji Laifu Wang Zichun, general manager of furniture, said this is the first time the company to test the waters of cross-border electricity suppliers, but also for the first time to enter the South African market. "Through the cross-border electricity suppliers to open up the South African market, we believe that this year's export volume can increase by more than 10%."

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Houjie furniture product line of 15 mainstream business platform

Leaps and bounds the electricity supplier industry become the industry competing to snatch the cake, in Houjie Town, many traditional manufacturing, furniture business is at the forefront. In the "Dongguan furniture South Africa" cross-border o2o, Houjie furniture design R & D institute's under the name of the nano Home Furniture Co., Ltd. provoked the furniture resources integration of responsibility, responsible for docking furniture enterprises, production and quality of supervision and other aspects.

Concern is that in the Town Committee, the town government to actively promote, Mingna ranking is with Alibaba, Jingdong Mall and other domestic 15 major business platform for cooperation, establish "origin of home in Dongguan Museum", "Dongguan Furniture Industrial Zone, has attracted more than 190 enterprises join, products have been in the Jingdong Mall, nearly 10 platform on-line will soon be settled platform of Alibaba's lynx, sell fast, Taobao and other.

Source: China Wood Information Network

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