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Other small enterprises in Cangnan furniture industry to make a big market

October 26th, has 150 member companies of Cangnan furniture industry chamber of Commerce held a session of the three general assembly. According to information revealed in the meeting, chamber of Commerce was established after more than two years, small businesses within the industry through it hugs the group to build a production base, do online business platform and the planning for the line center positive out of Wenzhou, make a big market.

Cangnan furniture industry and related industrial chain enterprises of about 500, involving mattress springs, fabrics, sponges, sheets and other materials, mattresses, sofas, tables and chairs and other products distribution, manufacturing, industrial chain. However, the vast majority of which are small and micro enterprises, they had more than through agents go traditional sales channels, conflicts, brand influence weak, even in recent years has been overwhelming the electricity supplier, a lift for the enterprise is also one of the few.

After the establishment of the chamber of Commerce and industry, through the chamber of commerce platform, resources, and organizational activities, originally a mess of fragmentation of these small and micro enterprises now Baotuan into Fujian Fuding in take a piece of about 300 acres of industrial land for the construction of Cangnan furniture production base. In July this year, the "Cangnan Furniture Chamber of commerce website" formally launched, for buyers and consumers to promote Cangnan furniture. At present, the small and micro enterprises are still in the preparation of the Cangnan Furniture Chamber cat shop and Zhejiang and Fujian furniture resources integration and distribution center, to further expand the market to further online and offline, to enhance the influence of Cangnan furniture brand.

Executive vice president and Secretary General of Cangnan furniture industry chamber of Commerce, said Wenzhou Xianggenisi bedding Co., Ltd. chairman Li Fangpeng, Cangnan furniture industry chamber of Commerce was founded more than two years ago, is to see the prior to the vast the majority of industries and enterprises in a state of disunity, the fragmented nature of the situation. Vast majority of enterprises reason not to go out, do not do not strong and can not keep up with the trend of the electricity supplier and so on. The main reason is alone information resources lack, powerless. After the establishment of the chamber of Commerce, they spent a great mind to build a platform for the industry small and micro enterprises, in order to achieve "jushachengta" Baotuan effect.

According to Cangnan furniture industry chamber of Commerce said the officer, with the chamber of commerce platform and resource Baotuan before, Cangnan furniture industry and relevant industry chain enterprises annual production value of about 30 billion yuan. After pushing, though affected by the economic environment and the real estate market downturn, nearly two years, the industry and relevant industry chain enterprises annual output remained stable and within the industry a number of enterprises also take bigger or transformation, such as the money the Treasury Hongtai furniture expansion to more than 3000 square meters become Cangnan South Region's largest home shopping, flourishing evergreen Furniture Co., Ltd. extending from the market of Zhejiang and Fujian Province to the national market, Hengtai furniture successfully entered the Redstar.

Cangnan furniture industry chamber of Commerce in Cangnan County deputy magistrate Chen Guomiao said that at present this kind of environment, the enterprise should strengthen the confidence, also want to develop, the combination of online and offline to do fine, at the same time, such as the chamber of Commerce and other organizations to improve service for enterprises to build more service platform (reporter Wang Muzheng).

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