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Nankang furniture enterprises for the first time to visit the furniture exhibition

October 17 to 22, in 2015 the United States high fall furniture in the American North Carolina State highpoint High Town IHFC Exhibition Center held ceremoniously. Three enterprises in the furniture association in Jiangxi MuNiu Furniture Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Jin Rui Furniture Co., Ltd. and Jiangxi 999 Furniture Co., Ltd. went to American exhibition tour, which is Nankang furniture enterprises first visits the United States furniture exhibition. Went abroad to study business representatives said that the visit investigation that make them a deeper understanding of American furniture market trend, especially in product design process with deeper understanding, hope next year to the United States, exhibitors, the Nankang furniture sales to the United States to.

It is understood, as one of the world's three major international furniture fair, American hignpoint furniture exhibition has a very distinctive features. It uses urban center of each small and medium-sized exhibition and scattered in around independent furniture store, forming a patchwork pattern of the exhibition, visited the exhibition and shop around here combined. The high point of the two annual exhibition, respectively, in April and October, foreign large furniture companies will debut exhibition. (Lu Fangfang Liu Yajing)

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