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The full liberalization of two children promoting children's furniture market good pine dealers

Following last week after the full liberalization of the two child policy, many want to two children of the family was overjoyed, and for the two child related industries is a big plus for, from the recent stock market in the "second" concept stocks rise see one spot. For the home building materials industry, children's furniture decoration effect diagram) industry is a great opportunity for development.

According to the relevant agency survey data show that China's 0 - 14 years of age children over 16.6%, about 220000000 of the total population. And after the implementation of the separate two child policy is expected in the next five years will bring about 800 million newborns, which further promote the development of China's furniture industry, not to mention "generally two child policy is followed. Industry insiders said that the next few years are expected to continue to be able to keep the children's furniture is more than 10% of the high growth. These customers are a precise positioning of the children's furniture industry, the future market development space is huge.

Combined children's furniture popular

"Two children" policy will allow more and more families with two children, for children and children's products will gradually increase. It is understood that a two child family, remove have enough economic base can change the ward outside, the majority still hope through the transformation of children room to accommodate the new baby is expected and therefore combined children's furniture market will have a lot of potential to be tapped.

I visited the home of small Huxing (wardrobe, etc., will be double bed into a set of learning, rest, storage and other functions in a multifunctional combination of space.

The safety of children's furniture is the most concerned

For the children choose furniture, safety is the first consideration of consumers. Insiders said that natural solid wood furniture is the first choice for many consumers. It is understood that natural wood furniture will be more environmentally friendly, from the point of view of the children currently relatively well-known furniture manufacturers of materials, the application of pine is relatively common, such as imported to Finland pine, tower pine in Brazil, New Zealand pine. Most of the children with solid wood production of furniture will be oil varnish to keep log color, a few will be painted in the Nordic style of pure white.

The personage inside course of study also said that in recent years, children's furniture design is not reasonable, environmental non-compliance issues frequently exposed, since 2012 China's first children's furniture mandatory national standards "children's furniture general technical conditions" formally implemented since, for the industry as a whole, called a upgrading and innovation.

"The implementation of the new national standard for children's furniture market has a relatively sound and unified industry standards, the end of the era of childhood furniture chaos." Insiders said that the introduction of the new GB also led to changes in children's furniture product structure and material, furniture paint surface by the original use of oil paint instead of more environmentally friendly waterborne wood paint, previously furniture straight edge at right angles to the design change to rounded edges rounded design, and in the wardrobe sealed space left air hole and humanized design aspects.

"Compared to ten years ago, today's children's furniture production enterprises whether the control of the material, or product design and development have been greatly progress, so whether it is a solid wood furniture or child furniture, as long as the new national standards, consumers can rest assured that use." Industry insiders said. (Yan Wan)

Wood information from: Children's furniture material to pine, such as Russian Pinus sylvestris, New Zealand radiata pine, Chilean pine etc., children furniture hot, it would be advantageous to drive sales and operating efficiency of imported pine dealers.

Source: Wood Information Network

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