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The purchase price of raw materials began to rise slightly Nanjing mahogany furniture market rebound

In the past two years, the price of mahogany is like a roller coaster, experienced a boom and fall. Reporters on the 20th International Exhibition Center in Xinzhuang held jewelry gift tea culture exhibition, near the end of the year, once in a "bear market" Redwood market, signs of stabilization and recovery.

A round mahogany prices skyrocketing, mainly with the coming into force of the 2013 the endangered wild animals and plant species of the Convention on international trade in limit 7 kinds of redwood trees import and export. Exhibitors Changzhou Hai Yu Zhenyin bat mahogany furniture factory director Qian Guofeng recalled a few years ago, mahogany prices doubled almost a year. But from last year to the first half of this year, mahogany market "bull market" in more than 1 years of consolidation "".

"In May this year, the price fell to the bottom, fell by about 40%, almost 'waist cut'. However, exhibitors reflect, from August began, mahogany market trends, especially in the near future to pick up signs, import mahogany raw material prices have risen slightly. Reporters in the mahogany exhibition pavilion see, "bear market" crowding out of mahogany furniture foam, and moisture, now more than 10 million yuan can buy sofa, table, bed a Southeast Asia imported material mahogany furniture, the price tends to be rational. Because of this, to ask the price of mahogany customers in a continuous line.

"Bear market" also carried on a round of the industry of the red. The exhibitor said, prices led directly to a group of mahogany furniture factory crudely made out, is conducive to the healthy development of the industry.

So, the future of mahogany and there is no investment prospects? The industry believes that there is space, a big reason is the mahogany furniture master more and less. Changshu mahogany industry in Jiangsu and even the country are very famous, there are about ten thousand people, but the number of mahogany furniture in the years to continue to reduce.

"We have to do furniture, the youngest is also more than 30 years old. Young people are not willing to enter, the master of course less and less. I think the future of investment mahogany furniture, in addition to look at the material, but also to see the process, the exquisite workmanship or there is appreciation potential." Qian Guofeng said.

A mature mahogany furniture master monthly salary of 8000 yuan or more. But mahogany furniture industry followed the traditional apprenticeship system, 3 years ago, almost no income, some master generous, a month up to one thousand or two thousand yuan, which makes young people can not accept. Follow the master nest in the home of the learning way also make young people can not adapt. The traditional apprenticeship system is less attractive to young people, which hinders the development of the industry.

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