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Furniture industry competition to brand marketing

Furniture market competition only by increasing the degree of competition, through what channels can be better to sell the product, which has become the most important issues to be considered in the majority of enterprises to consider. But now, with the continuous improvement of corporate brand awareness, competition between enterprises gradually shifted from channel marketing to brand marketing.

Change to brand marketing

Furniture competition has not to the size of the terminal stores the quantity and factories for the unit, the traditional channel under the Internet economy of cleaning, furniture in the overall cross, even the county the powerful integration under, the original channel has the market share can be said is the city lost ground. Have a positive attitude, not blindly lift line. Which brands not only experienced hardships after thoroughly tempered, build out. In all aspects of financial strength, production scale, channel planning, market development and so on also does not have the conditions, if blindly greedy big strong, may suffer heavy casualties.

Constantly improve brand innovation

  Product innovation is the magic weapon of choice for the brand to win the market; three is to win the reputation by service. Customer is God, service no bottom line. For the second tier furniture brands, occupy the market is important, do a good job of service is more important. Recently two years did some new trends worth attention: intercepting terminal forward, anterior, electronic mall, community store, warehouse sales, a growing number of real estate   developers directly linked to the production of furniture, provide matching furniture hardcover room and so on! Diversified channels is redefining the market.

To model competition

As a means of brand promotion, this is understandable, but in a very long period of time, and brought army brand, pioneer brand entertainment amusement like the slogan fills the consumer's eye. To really go to special research and production, product innovation, excluding the price of impurities, the real to do a real work for consumers "happy home"".

Change to the Internet thinking

In the use of the Internet for brand communication, there are already more and more furniture enterprise consciousness to the effect of micro channel mobile Internet tools such as, the number of public companies, industry, media, the public and other brand marketing and communication, it survived the stage is fruitful.

Capital economic shift

The biggest impact of the platform economy on the furniture industry is to subvert the traditional positioning of the so-called customer groups, the platform as a house and the seller's trading institutions and integration agencies. He can put the differences and integration of the industrial resources, market capacity and market value maximization, in the final analysis the essence or the market structural adjustment inevitable product.

Conclusion: an industry if the lack of competition, will lose its vitality, but if there is too much competition fierce, then the same will cause unimaginable chaos in the industry. As a member of the big industry, furniture enterprises should advance with the times, combined with their own development of the appropriate changes in the development model and thinking, and gradually from the channel marketing to brand marketing.

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